Train Station Feast

Last Night, my family and I headed to Nozawa Onsen, Nagano for a relaxing post-exams weekend of skiing. It just so happened that our shinkansen (bullet train) was leaving from Tokyo Station, a train station with an excellent food court. Hence, ‘train station feast’!

First stop, onigiri (Japanese rice balls).

Train Station TreatsHere you have the full array of onigiri offerings:


And… my personal favorite, konbu, or kelp with a sweet-ish soy flavoring. This particular konbu onigiri was made with sesame seed and shiso leaves to boot. Yum!


Next, we stopped at a vendor that makes healthy and delicious wafū, or Japanese style, salads.

DSC_0865 DSC_0867

Last but not least, we grabbed some inari-zushi before bolting for our train. (Inari-zushi are a type of sushi made by filling a pocket of fried tofu with rice.)

DSC_0868 DSC_0871

Once safely on board, we broke out our banquet. Eating in my family is a communal event. What we don’t share to begin with, we mooch. It works out well and everyone gets some of everything!


A crunchy salad with strips of yuba (a type of tofu), greens, and daikon (Japanese giant radish), topped off with jyako (tiny dried fish).


An avocado and tofu salad.


Smoked salmon salad.


Takana onigiri.


Chirimen (rice with jyakoinari.


My konbu onigiri. Delish!


For desert, we devoured a bar of amaretto-marzipan chocolate cached in Dad’s backpack. I am categorically opposed to putting alcohol (and cinnamon and coffee) in chocolate. Why mess with a flavor that’s already perfection? But, I have to admit, this wasn’t half bad. Ok, it was more than half good. (And it didn’t hurt that it was called Mozart chocolate, seeing as I am pretty much addicted to western classical music, his in particular!)

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