Valentine’s Day

In my mind, Valentine’s Day is essentially a pink and red incarnation of Halloween, minus the costumes. There is food – especially chocolate – everywhere! Here a couple highlights:


This morning, upon arriving at school, I was greeted by a friend bearing Ladurée macarons. Ladurée is the place to get macarons. A combination of delicate and rich, textured and smooth, sweet and, well, sweet, they are absolute perfection. I sampled the caramel fleur de sel number in the center as well as one of the white ones with green filling. Geranium? Whatever it was, it was exceptionally tasty. Tomorrow I plan to experiment with macaron-making. Hopefully mine will look, or at least taste, something like these sensational sweets.

Now for edible highlight no. 2.


At dinner, I found this cute little bag sitting at my place.


Inside were two petit packages.


Mini-chocolate boxes from mom! I ate the creamy, delectable belgian chocolate on the spot. The Ferrero Rochers will have to wait until tomorrow.

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One thought on “Valentine’s Day

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