Hinamatsuri Ice Cream

Today is March 3. Here in Japan, it is hinamatsuri, or Girls’ Day, a festival to celebrate girls and pray for their health and happiness. As with any traditional holiday, hinamatsuri has special foods and decorations. Customarily, one sets out elaborate dolls of the emperor, the empress, and the court in Heian period garb and munches on a sweet, colorful puffed rice snack called hina-arare. Baskin Robbins had its own take.


Baskin Robbins is selling Girls’ Day themed ice cream treats. As per hinamatsuri custom, today, March 3, is the last day for these goodies. (It is considered unlucky to display hina dolls past the actual festival.)


For the ice cream traditionalists, there is a sort of hinamatsuri sundae complete with cake cubes and a cookie depicting a cute little emperor and empress.


For the more adventurous, there is this set of palatable hina-ningyo, or hina dolls. The first two tiers of the hina-dan, or doll platform, have been recreated in an edible incarnation. Only in Japan!


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2 thoughts on “Hinamatsuri Ice Cream

  1. bethrbeth says:

    So what do they do with the leftovers after march3?

  2. abbysneider says:

    That occurred to me too. I have no idea!

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