Salsita and Singing

Last night, after a lengthy but enjoyable day of singing, my musical friends and I indulged in a marvelous mexican meal. Following the all-day choral festival, we honor choir members had an additional rehearsal for our concert this evening.

I absolutely adore singing, especially in large well balance choirs of talented musicians. The sound is simply incredible. Hands down, the center of a choir is my favorite place to listen to music. There, the strength of the fortes and the hush of the pianissimos are practically palpable. Every time, it amazes me that eighty different voices of different timbres, textures, and tones can produce a such unified, striking sound.

Our concert program for tonight includes music from classical style to gospel, 18th c. to contemporary. The whole set is splendid but, of course, I have a few favorites. Morten Lauridsen’s Dirait-on is stunning. It makes me swoon inside every time. On the other end of the spectrum, Giedrius Svilainis’ Vox Populi has a gorgeous forte fanfare of huge chords followed by a dance of intertwining and rhythmic vocal lines. The Sounding Sea, by Eric Barnum is something else entirely. A piece with wonderful text painting, it truly evokes the ocean. Listening until the very end is a must. It’s magical.

2012 kanto choir birdseye

A birds-eye view of last year’s group.

Alright, without further ado, back to the food.


Located in Hiroo, Tokyo, Salsita is a mexican restaurant I’ve been meaning to try.


A fairly small establishment, Salsita is a B1 restaurant with a cozy atmosphere.


We started with chips and guacamole, an appetizer one of my friends who’s been to Salsita swears by. They did not disappoint.


We also split these tortille vessel creations. I honestly don’t really remember what was in them, but whatever it was, it sure tasted good!


We enjoyed Salsita’s festive placemats.


I had enchiladas for my main. They were a bit spicy, but it’s basically impossible to go wrong with any dish where melted cheese is the main event.


At the end of the evening, we grabbed ice cream before heading home. (Sorry, no picture, it disappeared too fast!)


How better to end a night ended than with a little choir dress baking?

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4 thoughts on “Salsita and Singing

  1. naomipollock says:

    This is absolutely marvelous!

  2. Mimi Oka says:

    I do love this Abby…Mimi Oka here. This is the very first time I have ever left a comment on a blog…ever! I love your description of best place to listen to music being from inside the choir. It is transcendent and so much greater than the sum of its parts. I haven’t experienced it for while but loved it when I did. Meanwhile, I am hoping that you will visit us in NY when you are at Yale next year. We are in a neighborhood of cool restaurants, and there is a hot Mexican…called Empellon Cocina, that we can take you to. Hope we will see you soon. Meanwhile, Takuma and I are skiing at Alta, though the conditions are not so good at the moment!

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