Dubai Pt.2

When the festival finally began, rehearsals were intense, lasting into the late afternoon. But, of course, that didn’t mean there was time to explore.


One afternoon, all 300 of us went out into the desert for dune bashing and dinner.


Our driver, a badass.


Since my sister mentioned the idea a while back, I have wanted to go to a place where all you can see is sand, 360º. This was one of those places.


The car next to us, well, wasn’t in the best shape. Confidence instilling.


Soon enough, the tire pressure had been lowered and the 40 4WDs were ready to hit the dunes. It turned out to be quite fun, if a little sickening…


Anyways, onwards and upwards. Literally.


Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building. The Buj Khalifa. 828 m.


Come all the way to Dubai and stay on the ground the entire time? I think not.


The views were unmatched.


It felt like being in an airplane!


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2 thoughts on “Dubai Pt.2

  1. Kimberly says:

    How exciting!!! Well done.:)

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