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Molten Chocolate Cake

Remember Araxi and that insane molten chocolate cake? Well, it was too good to live without.


With a cakey around the edge and a gooey, chocolatey mess, in the middle it is not to missed and is even better when consumed with a generous dollop of ice cream!

(The recipe is available as part of the google books preview of Araxi’s sensational cookbook.)

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Meal. Of. The. Week.
Or Month.
Or Year? Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but this dinner was utterly sublime.


A few years ago, Araxi was good. Now it’s great. Exceptional. Extraordinary. And, dare I say it, even better than last night’s Rimrock Café.


The housemade bread was served with olive oil and butter, a really rich (but magnificent!) combo.


Eve, Mom, and I strategized our meal with the utmost care: two shared small plates, and two large.


Butternut squash soup with a touch of curry oil – just enough to taste, but not overwhelm.


Our second appetizer was a beet salad with fresh mozzarella and candied pecans.


Main dish no. 1: Arctic Char on roasted rapini, fingerling potatoes, dijon maple dressing, and potato foam.


And… no. 2: Parmesan Polenta with butternut squash, roasted seasonal vegetables, tapenade, and romesco sauce.

DSC_2365 DSC_2367

Finally, the four of us couldn’t resist the restaurant’s signature truffle fries, and truffley they were.


Brace yourselves. It’s time for dessert. There were a few appealing options on the menu but none quite lived up to the sound of ‘Valrhona Chocolate Fondant: warm chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream.’

Tangent: the consensus is that we really should have had two sticky toffee puddings last night rather than one of those and a chocolate cake – disappointing. As a result, Mom ventured forth a brave suggestion: two of the chocolate fondant. It was definitely the right decision.


This cake. Mom even went as far as saying it may be one the best chocolate desserts she’s ever tasted. Eve wants it piped into her veins via IV.


As though we hadn’t had enough to eat, our server brought a few little treats to round off the meal. The shortcake and chocolate cookie were good, but the financiers were easily the highlight. Moist and mildly sweet, they were delightful.


Before leaving, we just had to take a look at the Araxi cookbook. What if it had the instructions for the butternut squash soup? Or better yet, that molten chocolate cake recipe?


Well, it did. So, naturally, a copy came home with us, autographed to my sister and I by the chef and all!


To Abby and Eve – Always eat well and hug a farmer.

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Rimrock Café

A couple trips to Whistler ago, we hit gold. We discovered the Rimrock Café. A casually sophisticated spot, this restaurant serves creative cuisine with distinctive and divine flavor combinations.


The fluffy bread slices… that I somehow refrained from eating.


My appetizer: sautéed wild mushroom salad with freshly made shoestring potatoes.


Expecting sizable portions, Eve, Mom, and I split this delicious doozy of a main: salmon with goat cheese (who’da thunk it?), arctic char with porcini rub and wild mushrooms, and seared ahi tuna with wasabi butter, all served with fresh seasonal vegetables.


The fish was hard to beat… but not impossible.


This sticky toffee pudding is one of the few desserts that is as good as (or in this case better than) chocolate. Its mapley caramel character blew away the chocolate-hazelnut competition: not an everyday occurrence.

DSC_2334 DSC_2335 DSC_2336

Dad: “Guys, you can’t lick the plate!”

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Cows Ice Cream

Whenever my family finds itself at Whistler, we make a point of going to Cows. Cows is a small Canadian ice cream company that makes insanely good frozen treats, as well as tremendously funny bovine paraphernalia.


They even make their own waffle cones right in store.


Inside the shop, everything in sight is cow-themed, including the menu.


It was a tough decision, but I finally decided on Moo Henry. Chocolate and oozing toffee, plus chunks of fudge and a few peanuts? Mmm!

DSC_2305 DSC_2309

My mother opted for Wowie Cowie and Chocolate Monster… in one of those freshly cooked ice cream vessels.


Remember how I mentioned bovine merch? How could I resist? Although ‘Gangnam Cow’ and ‘Moomoolemon’ were tempting, ultimately ‘keep calm and graze on’ was the winner.

DSC_2312 DSC_2315

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A Jaunt in Vancouver

The globetrotter that I am this spring, I’m spending spring break in Canada. Although the purpose of this transpacific trip was to ski at Whistler, my sister and I took a day off to explore Vancouver with Mom, and pick up Dad from the airport!

The first leg of the excursion was the scenic Sea-to-Sky highway, taking us from mountain to metropolis.


Once in Vancouver, we headed straight for Granville Island, the site of an extensive daily public market.


In order to get there, we had to take a very cute little ferry across the creek.


Mom & Eve head down the dock.


A rather aesthetically pleasing bridge & a charming sign.


The market was set up inside the refurbished industrial shed.

DSC_2276 DSC_2277

There were all kinds of berries (not local, unfortunately)…


… and cute carrots …


… and the most incredible maple syrup glazed salmon bites!


I know they don’t look that enticing from the exterior of the glass case. In fact, we almost didn’t purchase any! On a bit of a whim, deciding to be adventurous, we bought the minimum amount – 50 g, 3 pieces. Thank goodness we were hungry, because a single bite was more than enough to convince us we had to have more. The salmon salesman hardly seemed surprised when we returned minutes later, requesting a large container of his produce.

DSC_2260 DSC_2262

Of course, no food-buying expedition would be complete without a few morsels of cheese – preferably local, or at least Canadian. So far, I’ve only sampled the BC brie and the Quebecois curds. As delicious as they were, I have high hopes for the Okanagan goat.


Don’t these look insane? This market was full of delicious looking cookies, cakes, and pastries. Unfortunately, it’s Passover. Meaning that cinnamon sensations and all other baked beauties are chametz, and thus trayf. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to resist.


Photogenic salads and tapas for dinner!

DSC_2268 DSC_2270

Then there was the matter of dessert.

DSC_2271 DSC_2273 DSC_2274

All in all, we had the making of a very good dinner.

But first, there was lunch to see to. And a hungry Dad, just off a 9-hour flight from Tokyo.


We passed this unexpected piece of street art on our way down to Fisherman’s Wharf, the site of the seafood place we’d picked out for lunch.


A little surprised to find a fish & chips shack instead of a bonafide restaurant, we were hardly phased. After all, the chef shops at the Granville Market!


This family’s staple beverage: seltzer.


In this situation, I didn’t really have a choice. It was fish & chips & a teeny bit of flour or no fresh cod or salmon at all! There was no question, really.


I definitely made the right choice. It was fresh and flavorful and not to be missed!


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